The 5th EXPO exhibition «China- Russia Eurasia 2016» was held from 20th to 25th of September in one of the largest exhibition center in Urumqi. Altai Krai was presented by the Delegation of Altay tea company Research and production Center LLC, Malavit LLC, Pantoproject LLC, GC Starover, Altai Skazka LLC, Yug Siberia LLC, Altai Bochonok LLC, Lavka Zdorovia LLC, Zeleniy Prospect LLC. The individual meetings were organized due to the mutual interest.

A manager of Altai Skazka LLC Ekaterina Kazakova held a meeting with food distributors from Xinjiang, Hubei and Shanghai. According to her words, the exhibition became a platform to hold meeting with partners who were interested in flour, cereal and pasta produced by Altai Skazka LLC. As a result, preliminary agreements concerning goods delivery to the stated above provinces were reached.

Good produced by Pantoproject LLC caused a great interest among Chinese businessmen because antler substance highly prized in traditional Chinese medicine. A representative of the company Marina Dochilova said that the exhibition was extremely helpful because the leaders were able to establish many useful contacts, to convey product samples for further study of importers of Russian goods to China.

The representatives of GC Starover were satisfied with exhibition organization. During the first days they found partners in implementation of honey and bee products. Soon the Chinese businessmen are going to visit Altai Krai for contracts and more detailed study of production processes.

Within the exhibition frameworks the representatives of Altay tea company Research and production Center LLC had several business meetings with «UNaide» company where it was agreed that elaboration of the question of supply in the PRC tea drinks of native raw materials, dietary supplements, soft and dry balsams.

The heads of sales department represented Yug Siberia LLC held meetings with their current partners and visited a plant for sunflower oil production owned by «SinLyan» company.

Zeleniy Prospect LLC signed a contract for the supply of items from timber to build houses with the export-import trading company«HaoHongtradingCO.LTD».

The exhibition in China was organized by Regional tourism recreation and international relations board together with Altai export supporting center. As a result of the event the interest has increased and Altai export supporting center is going to organize business trip to Beijing later this year.