The 5th Interregional forum of the Presidential program’s participants «Unique Altai- 2016» was held on 16th of June in Altai Export supporting Center. 

The deputy director of Institute of Europe of  Russian Academy of Science  Vladislav Belov and the head of Personnel and Organizational Development Department Konstantin Kottsev, the Head of the Federal Budget Institution «Federal recourse center on the personnel development» Alexey Bunkin and Tatiana Pivovarova , a project coordinator on International cooperation of the German community welcomed all the participants.  

Ms. Pivovarova emphasized the importance of the Presidential Program and its uniqueness within the frames of the Russia- Germany cooperation.  She noted that on 24th of June the first Session on Economics and Finance would be held in Berlin. 

The president training program for the government workers promotes getting the great experience and the annual group internships in Germany. Last year three seminars were dedicated to entering a new foreign market issues. 

The forum was divided into three sections. The moderator of the section «Marketing and promoting of export-oriented companies on the international markets (North America, Europe and South- Eastern Asia), micro- and macro trends» was the head of the «Altai business incubator» Alexandr Krasnoslobodtsev.

Taking into account that every country has its own special features, a special speaker was Tom Strodtbeck, an agent consultant on support of the export-oriented companies from Great Britain.

Mr. Strodtbeck specializes in the new companies and the obstacles which they face entering a new market. He discussed pretty important issues while entering the international market. The main points are the correct planning of the goods sales on the internal market and the presence of the key partners in a country the company is planning to enter. It was emphasized that sometimes new consumers won’t be interested in goods a company produces and exports but there is no point in quitting the export activity but it is better to find another market which accepts your production. 

In the evening, the transfer for the park-hotel «Aya» was organized for the participants.  Different trainings and seminars such as «10 the most effective ways to attract a client from the Internet», «The president training program: my vision of the development perspectives» were held on June 17th and 18th. 

Photo-separator of the «CSort» company was sent to Chelaybiskay Oblast’ as a result of « Russian day of the field».  The company has made a contract during the event and its manager has demonstrated to the potential clients the «Zorkyi» the apparatus which can sort different seeds. 

«That was the first result of the fair and during the fair we conducted several business meetings and we have some advance arrangements about the delivery with the companies all across Russia. We felt that Russian-wide status isn’t just a word. The company has participated in the same fairs and now we can see that the number of the visitors is growing and our stand was visited by the people from Khabarovsk to the Urals» - said the commercial director Vitaliy Savinkov.


Photo-separator of the «CSort» company attracted not only Russian but Spanish attention as well. The honorable consul of Spain Mr.  Pablo Gaston Di Tata visited the company’s stand and now it is likely the Altai equipment to be exported to Spain.

«We showed to the Mr.  Di Tata how Photo-separator was sorting the sunflower seeds and he noticed that was able to foster equipment’s commissioning in the Spanish industries. There is a great sunflower and corn production and agricultural producers and processors have a need for the equipment. Our goods have European certification and more attractive price in comparison to the European producers»- noticed Mr. Savinkov.

We remind that during the event «CSort» presented a modern Photo-separator «Zorkyi» equipped with a new function which helps it to sort goods automatically.



The «CSort» company is the leader among Russian companies in selling of photo-separators, the member of the noncommercial partnership «Altai cluster of agrarian mechanical engineering », the winner of the regional contest «The golden Mercury» in 2016, «Merchant of the year», «Manager of the year».

 «CSort» with the assistance of the Altai Krai administration partly compensated the expenditures for hi-tech equipment. The company has opened the representation office in Germany (Dresden). The company exports more than 20%  of its production. Altai Export Supporting Center helps the company to promote its goods abroad.


A round table «Development opportunities for pharmaceutical companies under crisis circumstances » was held on 22th of June at Altai Export Supporting Center. 

A moderator of the round table was the head of «Altai business incubator» Alexandr Krasnoslobodtsev. The head of Altai Export Supporting Center  Sergey Mazur, managers and representatives of the leading Altai pharmaceutical companies such as Altay Bouquet LLC, Evalar CJSC, Malavit LLC, Altay tea company Research and production Center LLC, Alfit LLC, Horst LLC and administration of Altai Krai on the food, overworking, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnologies, The center of hygiene and epidemiology in Altai Krai, the head of the company «Rouble» Vitaliy Romanov, the founder of «Rezonans LLC» Anna Galitskaya, an area manager of system management «ASBA-consulting» Evgeniya Buglakova participated in the event. 
A video- conference with «Biysk business incubator» was organized within the frame of the round table work. It let «Altai Vistera LLC» and «Altai Vitamins» join the discussion. 
Such questions as government adjustment, government support of the foreign economic relations’ participants, vertical integration, transfer-technologies, and obstacles in quality management certification were discussed at the event. 
The participants paid attention to the biologically active additives promoting difficulties; some important problems while communicating with the foreign partners. 
Moreover, it was noticed that some of the Altai companies have a pretty high quality level and are ready for entering an international market. 
Considering government support issues of the foreign economic relations’ participants, Sergey Mazur said that the main task of Altai Export Supporting Center is the organization of communication between the Altai businessmen, foreign states and government bodies for the optimizing export procedures, simplifying them. Furthermore, the Center participates in the creation of  the road map «Access and export support on the foreign markets» which has to reflect the export’s problems solutions. 

Regarding the marketing strategy of the export companies promoting its goods on the international market it should be noted that there are existing limitations in legislature while advertising.  
On completion of the round table the participants summed up the results of the event:
•While promoting the internet-recourses should be taken into account
•It is of vital importance to improve the contacts with the companies
•It is necessary to perfect innovative approach in the production according to the topical global developments using the technologies transfer. 
•Entering the international level it is better for companies to use government’s support 
•It is necessary to consider the opportunity of holding a communication platform on the regular basis with the involvement of the experts and entrepreneurs interested in it.